Town Planning

In this phase, we listen and plan together to come up with a design for your project. This part we identify what is it, how big it is and how it is intended to be use. A list of potential services and outcomes below.

  1. confirm statutory authority requirements
  2. attend pre-application meetings with relevant authorities prior to submission of formal application
  3. develop the approved Design Concept and present documents and other information to adequately explain the developed design
  4. prepare application, including plans, diagrams, analyses, studies, reports and other information for the submission
  5. review the developed design against the budget and coordinate the preparation of an updated estimate of the Cost of Works
  6. assist the client in coordinating required specialist consultants
  7. provide schedule of proposed materials and finishes
  8. assist the client with lodging formal application
  9. obtain the client’s approval of the Detail Design
  10. obtain the client’s approval to submit Town Planning
  11. CAD Plans of each level
  12. Elevations from each Street
  13. 3D renders from important vantage points
  14. Typical plans
  15. Hero perspectives
  16. 3D printed model (where applicable) 
  17. A comprehensive design report
  18. Shadow Studies