Sketch Design

In this phase, we listen and plan together to come up with a design for your project. This part we identify what is it, how big it is and how it is intended to be use. A list of potential services and outcomes below.

  1. Obtain the client’s design brief and other requirements
  2. Arrange, attend and record meetings with the client
  3. Provide recommendations for the appointment of other specialist consultants as required, including their fees
  4. Attend the site and assess site conditions and constraints
  5. Make initial inquiries regarding authority regulations and requirements
  6. Review the project budget
  7. Arrange, attend and record meetings with the client, authorities, other consultants and other relevant parties
  8. Undertake preliminary assessment of authority regulations and requirements
  9. Prepare sketches, diagrams and other information to adequately explain the concept
  10. Prepare design briefs for other consultants
  11. Coordinate preparation of a preliminary estimate of the Cost of Works
  12. Undertake preliminary selection of materials and finishes
  13. Obtain the client’s approval of the design concept
  14. Obtain the client’s approval to proceed with Design Development (Town Planning Application)where required
  15. Access and Parking strategy
  16. Layout of Commercial Areas
  17. Preliminary unit design and fit on site
  18. Neighbourhood modelling
  19. Initial computer block models
  20. Shadow diagrams