Construction Services

Wonderful, you have secured the builder and the contract. This phase we provide services to check that the building is completing to the details as described. We can provide advice to details giving you assurance it is built to what we had intended or advise to explore an improved solution.


  1. prepare the contract documents for signing by both parties.
  2. undertake periodic site inspections, check work in progress regarding design quality control, materials selections and performance as described in the contract documents.
  3. review shop drawings and other builder’s submissions.
  4. provide supplementary details and information.
  5. provide instructions to clarify the contract documents where required.
  6. administer variations and obtain client approvals.
  7. arrange and attend site meetings and other meetings as required.
  8. provide the client with regular reports regarding time, cost and progress.
  9. assess progress claims and issue progress certificates.
  10. assess and approve claims for extensions of time.
  11. adjust prime cost and provisional sums and other monetary sums included in the contract documents.
  12. coordinate consultants.
  13. prepare defects lists prior to practical completion.
  14. inspect rectification and issue notice of practical completion.

Post construction

  1. Assess the final contract account.
    inspect the works and prepare final defects listing.
    issue the final certificate on completion of all defects and outstanding work.


  1. call tenders.
  2. respond to enquiries from tenderers.
  3. close and assess the tenders.
  4. negotiate with the preferred tenderer.
  5. prepare tender recommendation.