Mt Martha

What is Modern Australian Coastal?

The house seeks to find a dialogue between the Cape Cod Style and the New Extension. 

Filled with natural light, large windows, use of natural materials: stone & wood, clean simple modernist rooflines, white-painted brick, sustainability focus and cost-effective.

It is not a stylistic extension or a grand oversized mansion. It is a connection to the outdoors, blending interior and exterior spaces, simplicity in design. Modesty in material choice. Purpose-driven design and decision making. Intelligent, deliberate flow between spaces

The house explores the ocean and the horizontal line. At the heart, the Cap Cod style is born from the ocean and the beach.   

The Architecture brings the family together under one elongated and hovering roofline. The roof takes reference to the magical horizontal across the ocean where it is always calm and restoring. 

The roofline like nature: reunites, connects and tapers like the gentle incoming wave as it pushes and unfolds onto the sandy beach.


Mount Martha


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