How we make decisions?

How we make decisions is an important part in our daily work. We make decisions that has an effect on design, sizes, shape, height, costs, quality and fit for purpose, how the design makes you feel, the response to site, how it affects users and clients.

Archiworks takes an open minded approach to make decisions. In Ray Dalio’s ‘Principles’  try and use ‘statistical decision making’ for our design projects and thinking during development.

We track projects in every stage to ensure that there are improvements across; design idea, functionality, building materials, sustainability and the X Factor.

We implement the ‘Build, Test, Learn’ method in the design process. This way we build rapid prototype of the buildings, test and learn by getting feedback from users, customers, builders, experts and stakeholders.  

For example, in every project we rank and score by every team member at Archiworks to get a even score to determine if it is truly a good design outcome.

Every projects needs to achieve a minimum score to pass the test. Sometimes we find  interesting results from this process rather than an emotional or hyper artistic response to the Architecture and Design. This way, we combine great design with outstanding functions.    

What does this do for us?

This ensures we can be consistent and can deliver a well rounded buildings. We believe that our projects must have;

  1. Strong design Idea
  2. Functional
  3. Excellent use of materials
  4. Sustainable
  5. X Factor

A fresh and open minded approach to realise the potential   

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