Our 3 Pillars at Archiworks

At Archiworks we are driven by innovative ideas and work with upmost integrity.

Our approach can be summaries into 3 main focus:

  1. Building Emotions
  2. Building Sustainable
  3. Building for People

1. Building Emotions

We focus designing our buildings to create feelings; excitement, relaxation, connection, warmth, protection, a sense of pride and postivity.

We see buildings with a similar analogy to music, how we put notes together is an important part to create the song.

We believe in creating buildings that leave an impression and wow you! Life is too short for boring buildings.

Feelings and Emotions are the hardest, rarest things to communicate across using buildings. You immediately see it, feel it and it cannot be quantified but comes from meaning, experience, and research.

Feelings = Meaning + Building

Feeling noun:
1. an emotional state or reaction.
“a feeling of joy”synonyms: love, care, affection, fondness, tenderness, warmth, warmness, emotion, sentiment;

2. an idea or belief, especially a vague or irrational one.

2. Building Sustainable

We approach Sustainable Buildings by viewing it as improvement on efficiency for your building’s energy consumption during construction and during operation.

That’s about it, efficiency, and getting that right in the first place using the less energy possible!

Often we spent a lot of time with the clients making the plans and the layouts very efficient and we take the same rigour to ensure the building envelope and the building construction is equally efficient.

In all buildings we try and break down sustainability to a few practical points;

  • Windows Protected from sun – Sun shading and window locations
  • Good orientation – Maximise light
  • Good use of materials – Building for the long term
  • Use nature – Collect and use sun or water

3. Building for People

We always design buildings for people in mind. We understand that buildings will be used by people and always strive to create spaces that are efficient, functional and can stand the test of time.

We love listening to our clients, understanding what you need and use clear and practical solutions, experience and technology to solve problems.

Every project takes an enormous amount of energy and input from everybody and we at Archiworks respects the time and energy and focus all our attention to get your project right.

For our clients, we create building that you can be proud of, that are intrinsically sustainable and people can use for many years to come.

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