110 Jukes Road Fawkner  – Construction update

There is a lot of discussions about a lack of housing in Melbourne. This is true. It is fantastic to see 110 Jukes Road near completion and Archiworks playing a small role in providing much needed housing. This is a fantastic residential townhouse project within a Moreland. Each townhouse has a dedicated ground study and again we used large aperture windows to bring light, cross ventilation and simplicity into the space. A controlled and timeless color tone was used, simple brown brick and off white weathertex weatherboard panels with fixed sunshades to provide feature and solar control.

The brick works was pronounced to helps visually break down the mass with smaller windows, order and symmetry.

This project is an great example of providing development density while respecting urban character. Yes in my backyard #YIMBY because efficient and robust housing can exist in location undergoing change.

Thank you for the client in entrusting us on this project’s journey and design. Thanks to all the other stakeholders and everybody bringing this project alive.  

What do you think?

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