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Our approach is based on; a strong design concept, technical expertise and a deep care for our Clients, Community and the Environment.

Above Image: Altona Connect. The typical Australian dado wall warehouse typology is lifted open to reveal the content inside. This simple gesture allows a more permeable building. The shed and showroom is now no longer an enclosed space. We can quickly read the contents of the building along the highway. Created by Incore Developments. Built by Corplex.

New Homes, Renovations and House Extensions

Renovations, Extension and new homes. Houses are crafted for living.

Commercial Architecture Melbourne

Retail and Interior Design

Retail Design, Office design, Gyms, Space planning, layout planning, showrooms, cafe and hospitality.

Residential developments and Urban Housing

Subdivisions, unit development and townhouse developments.

Multi Residential House Plans Melbourne

Warehouse and Developments

Warehouse units, mix use developments, office buildings, child care centres, food & beverage, large distribution centers and master planning estates

Residential Apartment Collingwood

Why Archiworks?

We generate ideas, the good ideas are then carefully translated into a building to unlock the potential of your project.

Image: Collingwood apartment. Using timber, steel and concrete, this boutique penthouse and apartment has one of the largest floor we have design ++BAS accommodating (+70BESS) for modern urban living in Collingwood. The open fire stair case doubles as a intermediate public space and encourages walking. The stair rather than enclosed on the inside of the building it is faced towards and becomes a vertical extension of Little Oxford Street.

Have a Project in mind?

We can help you bring your project to life.

  • Site Analysis and Feasibility
  • Pre purchase investigations
  • Masterplanning
  • Independent advice
  • Planning and Building Permits
  • Working Drawings
  • Liaising with building consultants and authorities
  • Selection and negotiation of Builders
  • Administering Building Contracts

Archiworks Approach


People is the heart of what we do. We are focused on how People would, use, feel and interact with the Buildings. We design buildings for an enriching experience.    


Our buildings are stories and narratives from curiosity and questions. We are humbled to be part of the legacy and contribution to Architecture. We are reminded in each project the responsibility and the value of long lasting impact.

Extraordinarily Simple

We see Architecture as an extension of Art. Design is Emotional. We strive to create the Emotional. Our work starts with Questions and Ideas. Our work is anchored to evoking those intangible emotional feelings; warmth, connection, protection, harmony, delight, play and reflection.


Our approach is to blend the Building with the environment. We design Buildings that work in harmony with the nature through the careful use of materials, orientation and optimisation in Building performance. 

Innovative and Enduring Architecture.

Our approach is centered around People, Nature and Architecture. In each project we form a narrative to create positive impact.  

Team and Technology

Our services is made up of combining People with proven Experience with Powerful software. Every building is 3D model and use Revit to produce drawings to ensure details and data can be available to stakeholders during every phase of the journey.